Sunday, October 18, 2009

Recasting the Bible in Our Own Image!

Barry Gittins has a great two-part post on, “I was a teenage fundamentalist,” over at, well written and insightful. Likewise, a must companion read to this post is found over at titled, “Putting the right spin on the Bible” (emphasis on the word, “right”).

Its essence is the human tendency to “Recast the Bible in our own image.” I love Pitts opening statement:

“So we may soon have ourselves a conservative Bible. Besides Fox News, I mean.”

Likewise his ending statement:

“Conservapedia’s effort to remake Jesus of Nazareth in the image of Dick Cheney suggests a future filled with more of the same. A conservative Bible? Lord, have mercy.”

This post is a must read, necessary to fill in all of the irreverent, but very relevant stuff in between.

Note: For some of you reading this, the right links can be found over at